Date: 2017-02-25 05:23 am (UTC)
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There's a ridiculosuly tall dead-looking woman all up on Theo's face. She seems like she's gotten taller somehow. Her restraints rattle ominously almost like punctuation to that question. Theo looks her up and down awkwardly. "Uh... educated guess." What the fuck else do you say to that?

It ends like nothing had ever happened at all. And just in time for Theo's attention to be diverted to the third prisoner. "Guess you didn't cable down there, huh?" He asks in a quiet, sympathetic sort of way. "Just VHS tapes."

Their new friend is squinting at them by the time he actually gets close. He stops a few feet away. He's tall. Still not as tall as the ghost-y lady, though. "So you two have a chance to get acquainted?" He gestures between Theo and... whoever the spooky lady is. Theo only then realizes he hasn't gotten a name yet. "Get friendly?"

The silence that follows is more awkward than tense, and it goes on almost hilariously long. He could respond, or shrug, but instead he just stares up at this dude. Theo watches blankly as a series of expressions pass across his face. "You know, this spooky aesthetic shit isn't helping this be any less creepy."
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