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Floyd really doesn't know what to make of these two weirdos. The guards drag the woman out first. She's tall, thin, and ghastly, with a bad haircut Floyd can only imagine was provided by the guards. She's also wrapped in an absurd amount of chains. Like a metal burrito. The tattooed guy is next. Small, angry, skull-faced. And steaming angry. Literally. Floyd feels something akin to a small knife twist. Yeah, there's plenty of idiots with skeleton tattoos back in Gotham, but how she found a straight-up replacement for Chato is fucking beyond him. But she would. She fucking would.

Flag isn't much help, per Waller's orders. He can't confirm one way or another if either of these two are metahumans, predictably. Floyd assumes that's an affirmative. Once the two of them seem to be calmed down some, he makes his way over. Might as well make the introductions before the Voice of God shits all over everyone's day.

There's a tense moment where he's pretty sure shit's gonna go down - lady gets in Skullface's grill. He can feel Flag and his crew tense behind him. The moment passes with no problems, though, and he continues on over to be the welcome wagon.

And now.... this. Skullboy's staring up at him. Zombie lady's sassing him. "It'll do that to ya." He pulls a face up at her and nods. "That how you ended up with all this?" He waves a hand the mass of chains wrapped around her. "Got too cheerful with the guards?"

Floyd pauses a beat. He's getting hot, way too hot even for Louisiana. "Why does it feel like I'm in a dryer?" He blurts out.

"No idea," says Skullface mildly, steam still visibly rising from his orange jumpsuit. Floyd takes a careful step back lest Skullboy microwave him like a sad frozen burrito.
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